Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bunnies and Waffles

A friend asked me recently how I come up with ideas for the adventures I share with Stretch. I told him that very often the ideas find me. This happened last weekend.

We believed those fickle forecasters who told us that we could expect spring-like sunny weather for Saturday, so we decided to take a relaxing ride out to eastern Long Island and see if there were signs of new life starting to appear in farm/wine country. We packed a lunch and first headed out to Orient Point, the far eastern tip of Long Island. Unfortunately, it proved to be no day for a picnic, the weather turning cloudy and quite breezy, but we were able to enjoy our lunch in the car facing the beach and to take a very short walk along the dunes after we ate.  

Because there’s nothing like a homemade chocolate-covered cherry to bring some sunshine into an otherwise disappointing weather day, after lunch we drove to a little candy shop in Orient where all the chocolates they sell are made right in a back room of the store. You can gain five pounds just walking in the door as the aroma of fresh chocolate envelops you in a delicious cloud.

As I was drifting among the tables of chocolate selections admiring some of the creations they were making for Easter, I heard Stretch counting aloud. I found him on the counter beside a large jar of jelly beans making calculations with his paws. As you can see, the candy shop was sponsoring a contest to guess the number of candies in the jar with the winner receiving a giant chocolate Easter bunny.

You can probably guess what happened next. Along came Stretch’s soon-to-be latest best friend, Amanda.  He gave her that wide-eyed look, she declared him “adorable” and told him that his guess of 2,000,411 was the closest guess yet and that he deserved a giant chocolate bunny .  Then they both looked at me. The next thing I knew, Amanda was presenting Stretch with the giant chocolate bunny he picked out while I presented her with my credit card.

You’re all invited to our house for a piece of chocolate rabbit this Easter.

Meanwhile, today is “Waffle Day” in Sweden.  According to Wikipedia: 

"V√•rfrudagen (“Our Lady’s Day”) in vernacular Swedish sounds almost like V√•ffeldagen (waffle day).. Our Lady's Day is celebrated on March 25 (nine months before Christmas) and Waffle Day is hence celebrated on the same day although it has no religious connections to Our Lady's Day."

So you might want to have a healthy whole-wheat fruit-topped waffle today to make up for that upcoming chocolate splurge.


Lucy.south said...

hahahahahahaha I love Stretch, but surely, he will not eat this gigantic bunny, but rather, just sit and marvel at it's size, color and aroma!!!

Cathy Scibelli said...

Don't doubt Stretch's (and Tiny's) capacity to scoff down food, Lucy. However, I think you are right that this bunny is even too big for them to handle alone. So I'll have to get some family and friends to help....