Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ostrich Farms (or Not All History Is Serious)

Whoever thinks history is a dull subject doesn’t know where to look. Yes, reading about politics and wars and economics can get pretty mind-numbing. But there are also topics like the early twentieth century Ostrich Farms.

In a time before OTB, you could spend a day at the Ostrich Races at farms in Arkansas, California or Florida. Jockeys rode the birds bareback.

There were also ostrich harness races using specially built wagons.

For added fun, visitors could climb on an ostrich and take a ride around the farm. And here’s something that always amazes me about old photos—the way people dressed for even casual outings. The little girl on this ostrich looks like she’s wearing her Sunday best, right down to her patent leather shoes.
And this gentleman is a dapper rider in his suit and bowler hat.

If you couldn’t make the trip to one of these farms, you could order your own bird to ride around your backyard. The Ostrich Farm in Hot Springs, Arkansas sold them through a catalogue. I wonder how the postman fit the ostrich in a mail box? And what do you feed a pet ostrich?


Lucy.south said...

This type of tom foolery must be why I hear these birds are kinda mean these days. Unique article!

Cathy Scibelli said...

If the ostriches are mean around you, it may be they're wary of that mustache....

Lucy.south said...

I think you are right. I seem to recall it is the PEACOCK that is an angry bird. lol