Monday, October 20, 2014

Stretch's Artistic Debut

My little buddy Stretch had quite an eventful time last week.  It all started when he was invited to be part of an installation artwork at the Brooklyn Museum. The piece, entitled “The Commons,” is a cork statue of a horse modeled on the horse in a famous equestrian statue of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. The artist, Paul Ramirez Jonas, feels that by having “commoners” attach something personal to the work it transforms an imperial statue into a more democratic model for the distribution of power.

While Stretch was a little uneasy about being lumped in with the “commoners,” (after all, he does have royal blood—or perhaps that should be “royal stuffing?”) he did like the idea of his picture being displayed as a work of art.

I must say, since I often think of this little guy as a “work of art” in other terms, this does seem an appropriate venue for him.

Later we’ll be publishing another post for our local friends, Stretch’s review of our town’s annual Oyster Festival where he has a dream come true from his Bucket List—he becomes friends with one of his favorite celebrities!

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