Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Presidential Pardon

A San Francisco turkey made the news yesterday as he boarded a plane on his way to the White House to receive an official pardon from President Obama. But anticipation for the White House ceremony tomorrow dulled when the turkey decided to take a side trip to New York today where he posed for an official portrait receiving a pardon from Presidential candidate Stretch Bear. Candidate Stretch was lauded for his appearance decked out in genuine pilgrim’s attire. (Photo courtesy of Van Dort Studios.)

Monday, November 23, 2015

The Campaign Heats Up . . .

So, how was your weekend?

Mine? Oh totally normal. I took Stretch to a miniatures show to look for a few new things to add to his collections. It was just a nice quiet shopping trip.

Okay, you’re right; I’m not being entirely truthful. The show was sponsored by our friend Karen who insists on spoiling Stretch. She not only had some incredible items to add to his collections (you’ll be seeing her amazing creations in holiday posts over the next couple months) she also decided he needed more help with his Presidential campaign. So she introduced Stretch to her son Adam who she realized would be the perfect campaign manager.

I have to admit, Karen was right. Adam is a dynamo. He and Stretch hit it off right away and before you could say “Vote for Stretch!” Adam was making up campaign photos of Stretch and posting them all over the Internet. I think at last count Stretch had garnered around 572,961 votes by the end of yesterday.

Stretch is also following in the footsteps of other famous politicians. He met an absolutely gorgeous and dynamic young woman at the show and fell head over heels in love. While Adam was working the Internet and I was busy shopping Stretch was having the time of his life hanging out with Abigail. And I don’t blame him, I can’t think of a better future first lady.

But I did manage to hustle the little guy back in the car to come home, toting the apple pie Karen baked for him for a snack on the trip home.

Stay tuned, it’s only going to get crazier this week . . .

Friday, November 20, 2015

National Absurdity Day

My calendar says today’s holiday is “National Absurdity Day,” created “as a day to embrace the absurd and ridiculous.” So how is this day different than any other day of my life, especially with a certain little bear?
Take the last few days as an example. On Wednesday night I received a call from our local newspaper, New York Newsday. They told me they’ve decided to print a short article I wrote about trading stamps, the old Plaid and Green stamps supermarkets used to give out years ago as a bonus with your grocery purchase, and which you could save up and redeem for merchandise. The absurd thing about this is that I submitted this article almost 4 years ago and never heard from them until now.
Yesterday the mailman rang my doorbell and said to me, “Hey, when am I going to get one of those campaign buttons you ordered for Stretch?” I thought he was joking, but I told him to wait a second and got a button for him. He takes the button with a big smile and says, “Great! When I get home tonight I’m going to put this on my Facebook page and tell everyone to vote for Stretch.” He was serious.
Then in the past couple days I’ve been discussing some miniature shows going on this weekend, and how we’re hoping to take Stretch to my friend Karen’s show on Sunday. A couple friends teased me about keeping an eye on his credit card spending when we get there. As I was chuckling at their clever comments I received an e-mail from Stretch’s photographer Paul Van Dort saying that I better take those comments seriously. Apparently when Stretch was at Paul’s studio shooting some publicity photos for Thanksgiving week, during a break Paul found him contemplating a spending spree on Sunday!
So I think I’m justified in saying who needs a special holiday for National Absurdity Day?!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Happy Birthday Mickey!

For all our friends who are Disney fans, today gives you a special reason to celebrate--it's Mickey Mouse's official birthday.The first Mickey cartoon, Steamboat Willie, was released on November 18, 1928, in New York. Stretch and Tiny are always looking for an excuse to have cake, so they've invited Mickey over for a celebration.

Stretch: It's a good day to sit back, eat cake and reminisce about trips to Disney. I thought I'd share a couple favorite pics from my Disney travel album.