Monday, June 22, 2015

Save the Postcard--A New Contribution and an Old Memory

We’ve been goofing off from the blog lately, blame it on Spring Fever. But now that summer is here, we can’t use that excuse anymore.  And besides, today we have two important things to share. First of all, we’re happy to report another contribution to our campaign to Save the Postcard. 

 Stretch’s friend Judy Bowlin sent us this wonderful card from the Great Smoky Mountains and Stretch has given this one both paws up for the cute pics of the bears on the front and back. Thank You Judy!

This postcard campaign also has us thinking of little trips we could manage and reminiscing about past adventures.  And today marks an important anniversary we need to share with the express intent of proving to our friend Joanne that we are not total chickens and will go on that Wonder Wheel with her before the summer is over.

Back in my younger days (June 22, 1989) I actually did go on a sort of wild ride—to the top of the St. Louis Arch. For those who haven’t been there, they shut you in this tightly sealed contraption that looks like an over-sized tuna fish can (no windows) and this thing bumps, twists and turns its way to the top of the arch. And when you get there, your husband blurts out one of those things that husband’s always have a way of saying at exactly the right moment—“Wow! This is amazing! Look how high up we are, what a view! And it’s hard to believe there are only a few feet of steel underneath our feet, holding us up here.”

At which point you enjoy another bumpy tuna can ride back to solid ground.

Stretch: I got to see this monument about 6 years ago when we took another trip to the Midwest, but I couldn’t convince my human sidekick to take me to the top this time.

If you’re planning any excursions this summer, whether they’re big trips, day trips or just trips to a local attraction, please contribute a card to our “Save the Postcard” campaign—and make Stretch’s trips to check the mailbox worthwhile! 

I don’t see any postcards today!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


This week we’re happy to report that our campaign to Save the Postcard continues to gain ground. In the past few days our mailman has delivered postcards from Connecticut and Rhode Island where cousins Anne-Marie and Joyce live, and cousin Mel’s little friend Beauty Bear mailed Stretch a postcard from her outing to the Warner Park Nature Center in Nashville, Tenn.

Meanwhile, we supported our own campaign this week on a visit to the Pez Center in Orange, Conn. No, we aren’t fans of the candy, we just like really weird tourist traps and are fascinated by American historical trivia. (Hey, some questioned why we trekked all the way to Nebraska some years ago to look at a bunch of old cars stuck in a field. They stopped laughing when “Carhenge” was a $2,000 question on Jeopardy and none of the contestants knew the answer!)
Anyway, for our fellow fans of weird history, here’s what we learned: Pez was invented in 1927 in Vienna as a breath mint to be used as an alternative to smoking.  It didn’t reach the U.S. until 1952. The name PEZ comes from an abbreviation of the German word for peppermint, “pfefferminz.”  (Now you can wait for the Jeopardy question one day where you can impress your family with your knowledge of useless trivia.)

Here are a few other weird pics from our outing:

Who wants to do the “Pez Polka?”
How about a ride on the Pez motorcycle?

Keep your eye out at yard sales for one of these Pez dispensers. The first one is dated 1962 and was not sold in the U.S. originally, but one of them recently sold at an auction for $500. The limited version of the second astronaut dispenser, the one with the inscription from the Knoxville World’s Fair would presumably be worth even more money.

You know what would be really valuable? If they made a “Stretch” Pez dispenser!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Monkey Monday

Our “Save the Postcard” campaign continues, so we’re starting the week by posting a favorite from our collection. This is a classic old card; trust me, no New York zoo would allow a staged photo with a chimp these days. Besides, it’s postmarked with a 1 cent stamp (and Stretch, even I am not old enough to remember using 1 cent stamps!).

I bought it because I love monkeys and also because the message on the front ("This is my brother") intrigued me. Wouldn’t you love to know the meaning behind that comment? And wouldn’t the writer of this card be surprised if she discovered that more than half a century later total strangers would be amused by her remark? I guess it’s true—be very careful what you put in writing!

Stretch: Why doesn’t the zoo allow monkeys in the office anymore? They make great secretaries.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Postcard from Wanda

A big thank you to our friend Wanda who is always ready to pitch in and lend a hand whenever it’s needed. When she read our last blog about the dire threat to the postcard she immediately responded by sending us a few postcards while on a visit to Florida.

We’re including one of those postcards in our blog this week. Not only is this a really interesting postcard about a beautiful tradition we would most likely never have heard about,  it also serves as a reminder to all those rude folks who think nothing of snapping tourist photos at religious sites during sacred ceremonies. Look! There are other ways of sharing your latest adventure without being downright rude and disrespectful.
From the back of the postcard: Annual celebration honoring Mother’s Day with 10,000 roses at the Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe in Orlando, Florida.

Wanda: Stretch and Tiny are gathering some roses from their garden and making a little window box for your miniature house. Watch the mail for a package from BEAR FLORISTS.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Save the Postcard!

We read a bit of news recently that really distressed us. The postcard is in danger of becoming extinct! Yes, with everyone taking “selfies” and instantly being able to send photos across the world on their cell phones or tablets these days, it seems postcards are following the dinosaurs down the path of no return.

This really saddened us, particularly because, as our relatives and friends are well aware, we are postcard junkies. Stretch and I love nothing more than to go to our mailbox and discover some exotic or funny or just plain touristy postcard hiding among the usual bills and junk mail, waiting to entertain us.

What’s more, we also collect “historic” postcards. Not historic in the sense of being rare or valuable, but fun history that records for posterity the often funny or unusual messages people took the time to write, or the truly wacky scenes of tourist spots that could never exist in our politically correct times.

After reading about the peril the postcard is in, we’ve decided we can’t sit idly by. So in the next few months you can expect to find postcards cleverly (we hope!) worked into blog posts as part of our mission to convince at least a few people to pick up a postcard on their summer travels and support our cause to save this endangered species.