Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Postcard Is Alive and Well!

Recently, after reading an article in National Geographic questioning whether the postcard was becoming obsolete, Stretch and I have been waging a “Save the Postcard” campaign and gratefully receiving a lot of support from family and friends. Well, today we’re happy to report that the postcard has been taken off the Endangered Species list.  The latest issue of Nat Geo says that since they printed that story they have received hundreds of postcards from readers, assuring them that the postcard is not going anywhere just yet, except to its addressed destination!

So we’re offering a big thank you to all our friends who also assured us that we can continue to look forward to finding postcards from them in our mailbox. In our blog post today, we’re sharing some of the “interesting” contributions we received.

Our new friend Judy Bowlin sent us a vintage postcard of the statue of Vulcan in Birmingham, Alabama. And in one of those weird coincidences, she didn’t know about my mania for world’s fair history when she picked out this card for me. (Vulcan was originally displayed at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair.)  And Stretch approves because this statue is fully clothed.

Our friend Wanda sent us two postcards during a recent trek she took to Kentucky and Ohio. And how appropriate to get a postcard from the Christmas Story house during the annual “Christmas in July” mania. It’s almost as much fun as receiving a Red Ryder BB gun.

Stretch is still trying to figure out the postcard from our friends Paul and Mitzi. It sends greetings from the airport bar but they claim to have found the card at their local supermarket. It also bears a sketch of a strange looking bird claiming to be an “Extinct Nevada Eagle.” Stretch wants to know what’s in those drinks at the airport bar, he wants to try one.
Cousin Melanie contributed another card from her home state of Tennessee. It’s a nice card with a lot of the highlights of the state on it, but they left out the biggest highlights that Tenn. offers us—fried catfish, hush puppies and banana pudding.

We really love all these cards and appreciate the thoughts that went behind sending them to us.
And I think you will agree a certain cousin has gone above and beyond in her efforts to save the postcard for us. Anne-Marie, we are designating you the Patron Saint of the Postcard!

And Stretch would like to thank his relatives for all the cards they sent . . .


Letty said...

I just read this postcard note and fell in love with the idea of sharing those old ones and looking forward to sending more to my friends. I just received, I mean an hour ago, a post card from a friend visiting Florida, and it hadn't even occured to me how lucky I was to receive this in this day and age.

I was rereading some of the blogs I've filled away as keepers and found one of yours from SCN about chemobearphy. I'm so thrilled to see you still writing neat stories that we all love to read. Keep it up.


Cathy Scibelli said...

Thank you so much Letty! Your comment really made my day. I'm always happy to hear I'm not the only "dinosaur" who enjoys receiving postcards in this day and age of texting and instagram!

And thanks for your kinds words about my cancer battle. I'm still doing very well with my treatments, my latest scan just a week ago showed I'm still basically in remission, so I'm celebrating that news.

I haven't been posting on the blog as much lately because I've found it easier to share a lot of shorter stories and posts on Facebook. I make my posts public, so if you're on Facebook, you can always go to my page to see other pics and stories about my adventures with Stretch.

Thank you again for starting my day today with a big smile and a boost of encouragement! Cathy