Monday, March 2, 2015

The Orchid Show at the NY Botanical Garden

As this never-ending winter continues, Stretch suggested yesterday that we should seek out some flowers again before the next scheduled snowstorm was due to arrive in the mid-afternoon.  The annual Orchid Show at the NY Botanical Garden opened this weekend, so I innocently packed him in his carrier and headed off.

Now you’d think after going through a press conference at the Monter Center where Stretch was the center of attention, being upstaged by him in an article in our local newspaper, seeing his image displayed in an exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum and having him appear at the Oyster Festival with Yolanda Vega from the NY Lottery, nothing would surprise me anymore when it comes to this bear. Well, you'd be wrong.

It turns out the reason the little guy was so anxious to get to the Orchid Show was that he was scheduled to be interviewed by a news crew from NY1 who were anxiously waiting to hear his review of the show. As usual, I will just fade into the background and let him tell you about it (although I will admit he did invite me to say a few words for the broadcast).

So here I am at the NY Botanical Garden’s annual Orchid Show, meeting up with my new friends from NY1—Tara Lynn Wagner and Matt Ealy. They were most gracious and made me feel right at home in front of the camera.  

Some highlights of my review:
This is the perfect place to spend a winter day, surrounded by colorful tropical plants.

You’d need a big patio to hang that giant orchid sculpture!

My assistant tells me that back in the last century when she was in high school, every girl wanted to get one of these orchids from her prom date.

These Moth Orchids really do look like fluttering moths, don’t they?

Now here’s one of those things I don’t understand about humans. They call these orchids “Epiphytic” which means they grow clinging to other plants, especially trees. So why not just call them “Tree Huggers” so everyone would know what you’re talking about.

Even though the sign said these flowers “serenade” you, I didn’t hear any singing. But maybe that’s because the sign says they serenade the king and I’ve been dubbed an Emperor by my friends.

Well, there were a lot more beautiful orchids at the show, but I didn’t want to take an entire news show with my report, and my assistant was still pouting a bit about my stealing the limelight again. So I thanked my wonderful new friends Tara and Matt and headed off to the gift shop where I found the perfect present to cheer up my assistant.
She was so thrilled she could only blurt out some incoherent babble when I presented it to her.


Tara Lynn Wagner said...

LOL! It was a pleasure meeting you and Stretch. He's so natural in front of the camera!

In case you didn't see it, here's the story we did!

Thanks to Stretch for letting me interview you as well! ;)

Tara Lynn Wagner

Cathy Scibelli said...

Thank you for the link Tara! I loved the comment you used from me, but we got the biggest enjoyment out of the scene where you're reporting and I'm taking a pic of Stretch behind you. The little guy manages to steal the show no matter what I do! Please remember that and be Very Careful in your broadcasting career to avoid little scene stealing mascots. lol

And thank you again to you and Matt for being such good sports. Judging from the response I've gotten to this post on Facebook, e-mail and by phone, you've given joy to a lot of people.


P.S. I really enjoyed meeting you guys and I want to let everyone know that you are just as beautiful in person as you are on camera. ~Sigh~ Stretch