Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Save the Postcard!

We read a bit of news recently that really distressed us. The postcard is in danger of becoming extinct! Yes, with everyone taking “selfies” and instantly being able to send photos across the world on their cell phones or tablets these days, it seems postcards are following the dinosaurs down the path of no return.

This really saddened us, particularly because, as our relatives and friends are well aware, we are postcard junkies. Stretch and I love nothing more than to go to our mailbox and discover some exotic or funny or just plain touristy postcard hiding among the usual bills and junk mail, waiting to entertain us.

What’s more, we also collect “historic” postcards. Not historic in the sense of being rare or valuable, but fun history that records for posterity the often funny or unusual messages people took the time to write, or the truly wacky scenes of tourist spots that could never exist in our politically correct times.

After reading about the peril the postcard is in, we’ve decided we can’t sit idly by. So in the next few months you can expect to find postcards cleverly (we hope!) worked into blog posts as part of our mission to convince at least a few people to pick up a postcard on their summer travels and support our cause to save this endangered species.

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