Thursday, October 10, 2013

Take Your Teddy Bear to Work?

Tomorrow is “Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day.” This poses a problem for me because, as most of you have probably noticed, my teddy bear takes me to work each day.

As a result of the press conference last week, a reporter from a local paper called wanting to do a more in depth story. She came to interview me yesterday and Stretch was again the center of attention. She had him pose for all sorts of pictures and he graciously allowed me to be in one or two of them. When she was leaving I told her, “I never would have dreamed I would one day be the ghost writer for a 3” bear.” She thought that was a wonderful quote for her story.

I suppose I could bring one of Stretch’s little buddies to work with us tomorrow, but after what happened when I let Stretch into the blog one day, I’m a bit wary about that idea.

And I also don’t think I should be promoting this holiday because it can lead to a drain on your budget. Excuse me a moment. . . (“Stretch, where did you get that miniature pinball machine?!”)

As I was saying, I think I’ll just forget about this teddy bear thing and instead look forward to Saturday’s special event. According to Wellcat Holidays, October 12 is “International Moment of Frustration Scream Day.” At 12 hundred hours Greenwich time they say everyone should go outdoors and scream, thereby sharing our frustrations with the world so we’ll all feel better.

Considering the way things are going in the U.S. right now, and also the many health issues I know many of my blog readers are coping with each day, a group primal scream sounds like a good idea.

I asked Stretch if he is going to take part in this Scream Day and he said, no, he doesn’t have any frustrations so it would be a waste of his melodious voice. So through a bit of clever punning he decided to change the holiday to something he prefers—“International Ice Cream Day.”


Anonymous said...

Love the '50's pin ball machine. Is Stretch a pin ball wizard or just a dabbler?

Cathy Scibelli said...

Ellie, you know that Stretch THINKS of himself as a pinball wizard, whether he actually is or not. :-)
Pinball was my favorite arcade game as a kid, to this day if I find one of these "relics" I always have to play a game. So again, I'm living vicariously through my pampered bear who has his own machine. lol