Wednesday, November 20, 2013

National Absurdity Day

My calendar of unusual holidays lists November 20 as “National Absurdity Day.” There’s no information on who came up with the idea for this holiday, but they suggest that perhaps it was created by someone who was just tired of trying to make sense of life. I’m sure most of us can relate to that sentiment.

So today you’re supposed to let loose and stop being sensible, stop trying to do everything correctly according to some set of rules you were taught, and stop trying to figure out the meaning of life.

Those of you who are religious can add an extra twist to this day by following the philosophy of a dear friend from my past who was a Jesuit priest (love those Jesuits!). Whenever someone mentioned something that was bothering them he would always respond “Let go and Let God.”

So today you have the permission of Fr. Jerry and whoever created “National Absurdity Day” to just enjoy the day without worrying. If anything serious is on your mind, file it under “Tomorrow” or pass it on to a Higher Authority. Then eat those cookies even if they do spoil your appetite, forget to brush after every meal, go out for a walk in the cold without your hat, don’t wear sensible shoes and stay up past your bedtime watching television.

Of course, I have a head start on the rest of you when it comes to celebrating Absurdity, considering I’ve become the personal assistant to a 3” teddy bear who has a fanatical band of followers demanding that I treat him as if he were an Emperor.  Life doesn’t get much more absurd than that!

Stretch says he’s glad to hear about this holiday and my feelings about it. That means I won’t stress when the mail comes and he gets a “few” packages he ordered using my credit card. And then he can go careening around the hills surrounding our apartment complex on his new ATV without having me freak out and go chasing after him.

I wonder if there’s a “National Bang Your Head Against the Wall Day?”


Lucy.south said...

Should have read this first before answering difficult situations.

Cathy Scibelli said...

Next time, remember Fr. Jerry's words. :-) In the meantime, Stretch and I are sending you a Big cyber hug today.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry did you say "AS IF HE WAS AN EMPEROR" Please take that as if phrase right out. He is my emperor indeed. and as your friend Lucy said, I'm sorry I didn't see this post this morning. I needed it. But right before bed is good too. Good night Cathy, Paul and Your Highness <3
Love, Laurie

Cathy Scibelli said...

Laurie, I love you, you are so much fun. And you proved my point in the blog about Stretch's rabid fans who make sure he is treated with utmost care and respect! lol And Stretch says thank you for correcting my wording and recognizing that he IS an Emperor.