Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Lazy Summer Days

We just want to reassure all those who have been checking lately that we are all fine here and enjoying our summer. In fact, we've been enjoying the lazy summer days so much we've been neglecting our blog. But fans of Stretch who are on Facebook can still see our frequent posts about our daily adventures on my Facebook page.

Meanwhile, we want to thank our cousins and friends for the postcards we've been receiving this summer. Two more arrived in yesterday's mail, one from Kansas from our cousin Martha who's traveling across the country with cousin Yadja this summer, and a second one from cousins Rich and Alice who are vacationing in Hawaii.

What's that Stretch? Oh yeah, the second postcard was actually sent to Stretch. 

But hey, at least they did include a note to me and Joe! (Life around here with Stretch gets more "interesting" every day.)

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