Thursday, March 27, 2014

Koi Ponds

A few weeks ago you’ll remember we took Stretch to a Spring Garden Show at a local nursery. One of the exhibits that most fascinated the little guy was a koi pond. And when something fascinates Stretch, you know you haven’t heard the last of it.

He wanted to know more about these fish, so I did some research and found out some facts about them. I discovered they’re believed to bring good luck and the Chinese have an interesting legend about them.

(Stretch: “Of course! Humans have a legend for everything.”)

To continue—the story about the koi fish is called “The Legend of the Dragon Gate.” A little fish named Gu is told that in order to save his home and friends from danger he must do the impossible—become a dragon! To achieve this goal, the little guy has to swim up a waterfall. Somehow, with courage and perseverance he manages to do this and is transformed into a dragon.

The moral of the story is that with love, courage and perseverance, anything is possible!

I decided I’d like to be reminded of this story whenever I start to have doubts, so I bought Stretch a koi pond for one of his gardens. 

And they seem to be a perfect pet for him and Tiny because they are said to be social and playful but you have to be careful not to overfeed them because they like to nibble all day.

They’ll fit in perfectly around here.


Lucy.south said...

Enjoyed the r&r time with Stretch and the good story about the fish. I had a pond of Koi when we lived on Georgetown Dr, when Mom lived with us. We all enjoyed it until it came time to clean it. Hint, don't let any leaves settle on the bottom, they become silt and change the properties of the water. For now, I agree, a perfect past-time.

Cathy Scibelli said...

Thanks for the cleaning tip for anyone who sees this and thinks about getting a real koi pond. I wish I had visited when you had the pond, I love these fish. But there are advantages to having them in "Stretchville"--I get to enjoy the look of them without any work involved. :-) Now you forget the fish and work on those monkeys' manners in Nashville. I don't want them throwing bananas at

Minnie Kitchen said...

Today feels like spring! It was snowing yesterday lol!

Cathy Scibelli said...

We woke up to a snowstorm yesterday, too! But now it's supposed to be sunny and in the 50s the rest of the week, I sure hope this means spring has finally arrived!